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Eats for Saturday 6/4/11

Today was Date Day for MB and I. He worked his 24 hour shift on Friday and got home Saturday morning. He napped a bit and then we went canoeing in the nearby pond. We spent an hour paddling around the pond. It was really fun.

We've pretty much decided that we are getting a canoe or kayak. We've talked about it before, but it's time to do it. It's part of our new 'Eff it, what are we waiting for?' attitude towards life.

We're tired of feeling held back by money, weight, etc. It's time to live our lives and have fun. Stop wallowing in all the negative stuff and all the stress.

Anyway, we worked up quite an appetite while canoeing. We decided to hit a nearby pub. I got a burger with blue cheese and some fries. We also shared some nachos, but didn't eat a lot of them. They had trivia too so we played that while we ate. We placed 305th in the national standings.

Not too shabby.

When we got home, I walked the pup who was super jealous that we left the house and she didn't get to go.

MB must've still been worn out from his 24 hour shift because he was in bed by 8pm. I decided to do Slim in 6. I moved on to the 2nd dvd in the program - Ramp it Up! It's 48 minutes and it's an awesome workout! I was so energized, I probably could've done it twice!

Well, maybe not. But, you get the idea.


Daily points: 25
Weekly points remaining: 19
*Remember that I'm using the old WW points, not the new stuff.

Bacon, sausage and Cheddar Bay Eggs - 13pts - 12
8oz fat free skim milk, 2 pts - 10

1 hour canoeing with MB, +4 pts - 14
20 minutes in the park with the pup, +1 pt - 15
Ramp it Up, +5 pts - 20

nachos, shared with MB, 4 pts - 16
1 burger with blue cheese, 12 pts - 4
french fries, 6 pts - 0/17
2 unsweetened iced teas, 0 pts - 0/17

Weekly points remaining: 17
Exercise points earned: 10

Thought for the day:
I heart Date Day.

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