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Sunday May 23, 2010

I had a visit from the parents today which is always nice. It also usually tends to send me off track. They come up to visit and insist on buying dinner somewhere. My Mom is very into comfort foods so that's what we often end up getting.
The bonus to their visit is that I have made them both addicts of the local farmer's market. They are hooked on the fresh produce and low, low prices. It's so cute. I got to stock up on fruits and veggies and they insisted on paying. Yay!
Anyweigh, on with the stats for the day.
Hope you all had a great weekend.

Daily Points Target: 25
Weekly Points Remaining: 7

1 serving (3/4 cup) Honey Nut Cheerios, 2 points - 23
4 oz skim milk, 1 point - 22

2 servings (30g) cheddar rice cakes, 4 points - 18

1 fried chicken breast from Popeyes, 8 points - 10
1 serving macaroni and cheese from Popeyes, 4 points - 6
1 biscuit from Popeyes, 5 points - 1
(These points values are based on KFC as Popeyes is not in my Dining Out Companion.)

1 strawberry Edy's fruit bar, 1 point - 0

Daily Points used: 25
Weekly Points Remaining: 7
Fruit/veggie servings: 0
Total water servings: 3

I'm already planning my meals for tomorrow and the rest of the coming week to insure my success. I'm really feeling good about this week, even if the scale doesn't reflect a loss. Tracking in this way is already making me feel more accountable.

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