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Eats for Friday 11/19

My running partner is out of commission for at least 3 weeks due to an injury. Today was my first day running solo. I was actually pretty nervous for a couple reasons. One is that I know that I am someone who needs that push. Without my motivator there, I tend to let my negativity take over and I give up too quickly.
The other main reason I was nervous today was that it was almost dusk and it was getting kinda dark outside. Running around the neighborhood alone gives me the willies sometimes. So, I took the pup. She provides absolutely no protection at all, but people may not know that. Also, she was twitching with anticipation once she saw me put my sneakers on and so I caved and took her.
I know she has the stamina to run with me, but she lacks the attention span. As soon as I finished the 5 minute warm up walk and was about to run, she squats. Yep. She pooped. I now had to carry a bag of poop with me for the next 2+ miles. Awesome.
Then, we start off and we are doing pretty good except that she wants to run on the grass instead of the road. I think it's easier on her feet. Fine. I ran on the road and she ran on the grass. The problem is that she didn't realize she had to stay on the road side of the mailboxes and not the house side. We both got jerked a couple of times because she decided to go around the mailbox instead of just running beside it. After approximately 4 times, she still didn't really figure it out and I ended up running on the sidewalk with her.
We were at a good pace until she would see a patch of grass or a flower or a piece of paper and 'investigate' and then I'm running in place looking like a jackass while she sniffs to her heart's content.
She got a little huffy about not being able to 'investigate' like she wanted to but she made up for it on the walking portion. She stopped at every little thing. Every. little. thing.
Overall, it wasn't too bad. We ran 5 together. Then 3. Then another 3. I felt like I could do more, but I didn't want to push her and it was getting pretty dark. We cut through the park and headed home. Tomorrow, I'm running solo. Wish me luck!

Daily points allowance: 24
Weekly points remaining: 2

1/2 of my leftover bagel from yesterday, 5 pts - 19
32oz water with crystal light, 0 pts - 19

raisins, 1 pt - 18

2 cups salad greens with light french dressing, 1 slice ham, 1 slice gouda,
and bacon bits, 5 pts - 13
1 cup spinach rice soup, 2 pts - 11
24oz water with crystal light, 0 pts - 11

kashi bar, 2 pts - 9

1/2 tuna sub, 7 pts - 2
chips, 3 pts - 0/23
unsweetened iced tea, 0 pts - 0/23

Thought for the day:
Do they make ADHD medication for dogs?

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  1. Good for you for getting out there without MB. You can do it!!