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Yeah. I'm still around.

Sheesh. My last post was June 14. Wtf?!

I knew I had gotten a little stuck, but that's ridiculous. Obviously, my BLitz hasn't been going so well.

I've been trying to stay focused but it just isn't happening. Eating out has become the norm for us again. Running has fallen to the wayside. Vegetables? What are they?'s not so bad that I don't recognize a brussel sprout when I see one.

My weight is 194.4 right now. Not too bad, but definitely not moving in the right direction.

I've done Slim in 6 twice this past week. I made a couple healthy meals, but we've mostly eaten out. I do have meals planned for the rest of the week, which is a good thing.

I really don't know what the problem is. I've just gotten stuck in a rut. Either I'm eating healthy but not working out or working out but not eating healthy. I'm only doing things half ass.

There is no good reason why. I still want this. I feel fat and disgusting in everything I wear and everything I do. I want more for myself. I want that slim, trim feeling. I want to put on my size 12s and not have a muffin top - really, it's more like one of those Big Top Cupcakes, but you get the idea.


I guess if I knew why I kept getting stuck in these ruts, I wouldn't get stuck in these ruts.

All I know is how to get myself out of them and that's all I can do.

I'm setting the same goals I always set: plan meals, stick to the planned meals, exercise, post my eats and stay within my points range.

I'm going to come by here every day and post my progress. That's really the one thing that has helped me consistently. Accountability.

Can I do this? Totally.

Will I do it? Tune in tomorrow to find out!

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