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Eats for Thursday 7/14/11

My mouth is still a little sore due to the recent dental work. I tried to eat granola again this morning, but it wasn't happening. It was too hard to tolerate.

This dental issue is actually a blessing in disguise though. It's making me evaluate everything I put in my mouth. It's also making me eat very slowly, meaning I often eat less. I'm still careful to get all of my points in though.

Today was a good day overall. MB and I walked to the pizza place around the corner for dinner because he was too hungry to wait for the chicken to cook. I had one slice of pizza and only a couple pieces of calamari.

When we got home, it was so nice outside that I had to take the pup out for a walk. She loved it! Then, I did Ramp it Up and went to bed.


DPA: 25
WP: 34
*Points, not Points Plus.

1 cup light vanilla yogurt with blueberries, 3 pts - 22
iced vanilla chai tea, 4 pts - 18

1 adorable little box or raisins, 2 pts - 16

2 slices whole grain bread, 3 slices ham, 3 slices turkey,
mustard and lettuce, 5 pts - 11
1 light yogurt, 2 pts - 9
20 oz water with crystal light, 0 pts - 9

47 minutes of Ramp it Up, +4 pts - 13
15 minute walk with the pup, +1 pt - 14

1 slice pizza with broccoli rabe and bacon, 7 points - 7
3 pieces of calamari, 3 pts - 4
unsweetened iced tea, 0 pts - 4

WP remaining: 34

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