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Weigh in

I know, my weigh in day is supposed to be on Tuesdays. Well, it actually was on Tuesday but I haven't had a chance to stop by and post it until now.

dun dun DUN...


I'm down by 2.8 from last week and 9.4 overall.


Did you know that if you actually watch what you eat and exercise, you will lose weight?! Shocker!

Anyway...I have a new motivation. You see, I purchased this little dress awhile back. It's the one I'm going to wear when I become Mrs. MB, so it's kind of a big deal. When I bought it, it was off the rack and it's at least two sizes too big.

You know what that means...alterations! August 28 is the day I get my dress sized to fit and have my first alterations done. This means, I need to be dress ready by then. 44 days.

That's definitely motivation!

I know I can do it though. Honestly, I've needed the push. Knowing that I have 44 days to be dress ready is really getting me back on track.

Now, I don't expect to meet my ultimate goal in 44 days. Don't get all up in arms about that. I know what's realistic. My goal to be dress ready is to shed a couple pounds a week, the healthy way and to tone up some of my problem areas. My main goal is just to feel good when I put that dress on. Even if I'm not at my goal weight, I'll know that I'm on the right path. I'll feel much more confident in my skin and that's the most important thing.

I don't want to set a specific weight loss goal for the next 44 days, because I just don't want to get stuck on numbers. My goal will simply be to exercise every day, eat healthy and do good things for my body.

I'm doing Slim in 6. I'm doing exercises to tone my arms, strengthen my core, shape up my legs and tighten up my abs. I'm resisting the temptation to eat out, indulge in sweets and binge on bad foods.

I'm basically doing the BLitz I had started when I started this blog. I did well when I first started and then slacked off. Now that I have found new motivation, it's back on!

Oh, if you've been reading lately, you'll remember that I mentioned something new for this blog. I intended that to be progress pics. But, I'm kinda nervous about doing so.

I feel like I'd really be exposed then and I'm not sure if I'm ready for that. For those of you who share your progress pics, do you have any advice to offer? Was it an easy decision for you or did you hesitate? Any input is greatly appreciated.


  1. Progress is progress and its motivating for me that you are motivated! I've lost mine somewhere along the way and desperately need to find it again.

    I'm excited for you! And I love that your motivation is a little black number ;O)

    I haven't ever posted progress pictures. What if you just do them in draft? Baby steps... its still something for you to actually see for yourself but if you're not ready to share then thats okay. I've found that the blogging community is incredibly supportive though and you just may find some amazing support and encouragement you hadn't expected. And you can always remove them if you change your mind!

  2. I love posting my progress pics. See here: I feel inspired by them and figure if they help one person then it's worth it.

    Remember you're in good company and no one here will judge you.