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Eats and The Beast

I found myself snacking a lot today and I blame The Beast for that.

MB and I went for a bike ride in the late morning. He had a flat which detoured us to the bike shop and our ride ended up being a little after lunchtime.

I felt good when we started out, so I pushed myself a little. Big mistake. By the end, I was gasping for breath, dizzy and barfy. I was able to fend off the potential killer migraine (aka The Beast), but felt like I spent the rest of the day recovering.

Sometimes you have to eat weirdly when The Beast attacks. You never know which food may trigger the full blown Beast attack. I find myself snacking on little things to fend off the hunger and test what I'm able to tolerate before I eat a full meal.

Any other migraine sufferers out there with similar experiences?


Calorie Goal: 1500

1 smoothie a la MB (the smoothie master, who knew?), 160 cal - 1340
1 slice whole grain bread, 80 cal - 1260
1 tbsp peanut butter, 95 cal - 1165

1 Lean Shake

30 minutes biking with MB

1 babybel cheese, 50 cal - 1115
8oz soy milk, 100 cal - 1015
2 slices grain bread, 160 - 855
peanut butter and jelly, 175 cal - 680

1 clementine, 37 cal - 643
20 oz water with crystal light, 0 cal - 643

1 small chicken breast with tomatoes and onions, 156 cal - 487
20 oz water with crystal light, 0 cal - 487

Pistachios, 340 cal - 147
1 light yogurt, 100 cal - 47

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