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Eats for Monday 8/8/11 and a new way of doing things.

So, MB and I have decided to be losers together. We've kinda always been supporting each other, but have never really been doing one plan together. He did a little research and decided that we should try counting calories together.

I know. It's such a wild and crazy concept!

Today is Day One of the Total Lean Program from GNC. It's not some radical, unhealthy thing. It's just a way for us to count calories with some structure. That's what we need. When left to our own devices, we tend to be...well, fat.

Day One has been pretty good. I had a mini-meltdown this morning because my brain is crazy. I've been doing points for so long, that my literal little brain couldn't wrap itself around the concept of counting calories instead.

MB is super patient with my insanity and he found a great website where I can look up calories for stuff. After our little brainstorming session about what to eat and what not to eat, I feel much better.

So, here we go with the calorie counting!

Do you have any insights for me? I know a lot of you count calories instead of counting points and stuff. How does it work for you?

Calorie Goal: 1500

Smoothie - 1 cup blueberries (70), 1 cup soy milk (100),
1/2 cup OJ (55) - 225 calories spent/1275 to go

1 Total Lean shake (calories aren't to be counted)

1 cup couscous jambalaya, 300 calories - 975 to go
2 clementines, 70 calories - 905 to go
8oz fat free skim milk, 90 calories - 815 to go

1 Babybel light cheese, 50 calories - 765 to go
1 serving pistachios, 170 calories - 595 to go

1 Total Lean Shake

1 cup couscous jambalaya, 300 calories - 295 to go
1 babybel cheese, 50 calories - 245 to go
1 serving chocolate covered pomegranates, 180 calories - 65 to go

Ramp it Up!, 45 minutes.

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