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MB and I have decided to combine our efforts on this BLitz.

He purchased two of GNC's Total Lean packages for us today. It's a weight loss system that provides two weeks worth of vitamins and supplements, meal replacement shakes and a very thorough meal plan that stays at 1500 calories a day.

I was a little nervous about this because I don't always think these things are healthy. However, I just looked through the plan information and it actually looks pretty good. It looks like what we've been doing, or trying to do, already. The meals are very similar to what we've been trying to stick to.

The only difference is the meal replacement shakes, which I actually like the idea of. They actually only enhance your eating instead of replacing it because they are planned in as snacks twice daily. The idea is to suppress your appetite and help you stick to the planned meals.

I have no intention of starving my body of what it needs or neglecting nutrition for the sake of a 'fast fix'. I just think a little structure will be good for us. We really need a kick start! We'll be doing it together, which is a huge bonus.

I'll still be tracking daily and posting my weigh ins (and progress pics!), but instead of counting points - I'll be counting calories. I'm also going to pay close attention to what I'm putting in my body with regards to sugar, healthy proteins and fats. This is what I've been trying to do anyway.

I think it's going to be much easier with a little structure and the support of My Betrothed.

See you tomorrow for Day One!

Have any of you tried a similar program? How did it work for you?
Any other thoughts on this? I appreciate any and all input. :)

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