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Saturday June 5, 2010

Today has been an eating out kind of day. I slept in after a busy night in the crisis unit and MB got off of a 24hour shift late this morning. We went to play D&D with some friends so we grabbed lunch out before heading over. Then, we had dinner delivered while there.
I may not have eaten all that well, but at least I was aware of what I was eating. I was basing my points values on the WW Complete Food Companion. Today, I decided to check Dottie's Weight Loss Zone (go here to check her out). She has nutritional values for just about any restaurant you could imagine.
Of course, she had Don Pablo's, which is where we went for lunch. I probably should've checked her out before deciding on this particular place. Holy cow!
You will see below how this was a Fat Club Fail.
Could I have made better choices? Maybe. Did I have fun eating out with MB and hanging out with some friends? Definitely.
Hey, I'm still here and I'm still posting honestly. It may not always be pretty, but it's the truth. I swear on a dozen cupcakes.

Daily Points Allowance: 25
Weekly points remaining: 14

Lunch: (it pains me to tally this)
1 Don Pablo's spicy beef chimichanga, 26 points (ugh) 0/13
side of chile mashed potatoes, 2.5 points - 0/10.5
1 side spoon bread, 5.5 points - 0/5
unsweetened iced tea, 0 points - 0/5

3 slices pizza, 18 points - HA! There's nothing left! FAIL!
4 glasses water

What's the point of even tallying the final results? Today has been a huge Fat Club Fail and that's all there is.
What did I learn? Always investigate points values before going out. I knew this from past Fat Club experience but just didn't put it to use.
How will I do better? I just will. That's it.
I'm off to go cry in the corner.

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